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JB SYSTEMS VIBE30 Mk2 Enceinte passive: 2x 15" - 800Wrms / 4 ohm

(Code: B00693)
529,00 €(529,00 €)
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JB SYSTEMS VIBE30 Mk2 Enceinte passive: 2x 15" - 800Wrms / 4 ohm
  • JB SYSTEMS VIBE30 Mk2 Enceinte passive: 2x 15" - 800Wrms / 4 ohm
  • JB SYSTEMS VIBE30 Mk2 Enceinte passive: 2x 15" - 800Wrms / 4 ohm
  • JB SYSTEMS VIBE30 Mk2 Enceinte passive: 2x 15" - 800Wrms / 4 ohm
  • JB SYSTEMS VIBE30 Mk2 Enceinte passive: 2x 15" - 800Wrms / 4 ohm
  • JB SYSTEMS VIBE30 Mk2 Enceinte passive: 2x 15" - 800Wrms / 4 ohm
  • Full range speaker cabinet with outstanding sound quality, perfect for demanding DJs.
  • The VIBE30 Mk2 can be easily upgraded to an active (powered) cabinet: just plug-in the optional AVM-2 amplifier module, a matter of minutes! (AVM-2 available soon)
  • Perfect for permanent installation in clubs, discotheques and all kinds of venues where good sound quality at high SPL is important!
  • Perfect for portable use: DJ, hiring companies, …
  • VIBE30 Mk2 and VIBE18-SUB Mk2 make a perfect couple if you want to “feel the beat”.
  • Solid, high strength, MDF enclosure
  • Scratch resistant polyurethane painting
  • Strong Metal grill with acoustic foam on the inside: improved look and better protection the speaker components against dust and splashing water.
  • Heavy Duty Rigging Points
  • 2 High Power 15inch (38cm) Woofers
  • High Power 1,75inch Titanium Driver
  • Specially designed Glass fiber horn
  • Built-in heavy duty carrying handles
  • Equipped with castors (wheels) for easy transport
  • Heavy duty rubber feet
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